13-year-old boy killed during shootout near Dallas car wash

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Police are searching for the people who killed an innocent 13-year-old boy who was caught in the crossfires of a shooting in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas.

The shooting happened Tuesday just after 7 p.m. in the 9400 block of Bruton Road near a self-service car wash. Police said two black males in separate vehicles were shooting at each other and an innocent bystander was shot.

Malik Tyler was hit as he was leaving a nearby gas station with two friends. He was rushed to a hospital where he later died.

Ursula Jacobs lives at a nearby apartment complex. She and her daughter said they heard the gunshots at the car wash and saw Tyler walking to the apartments asking for help. They said they got a towel and tried to help him until paramedics arrived.

“He was just laying there already shot just holding his chest,” Jacobs said. “And by the time we made it down the stairs to come, the security guard was already out. His mother was already out, and everybody just swarmed in.”

Jacobs' daughter knows Tyler, who lived in the apartment complex with his family. She said they were excited about being out for summer vacation. Tyler was going to be in the eighth grade at Florence Middle School.

There is growing pressure on Dallas police to stop the violence. 

"Tonight we are as a police department, we are grieving with the family," said Dallas Police Chief Rene Hall. "We are very, very angry about the level of that we are seeing in this city. We have lost one of our youth to violence that is not necessary in our city."

Police said the area is known for its drug and gang activity but Tyler was not involved in any of that.

"Our young, innocent child was simply coming from the store with two of his friends. He was in no way involved in any of the activities that take place at this location. He was just an innocent bystander," Chief Hall said.

So far, no arrests have been made. Police are looking for a silver Chrysler 300 that may have been involved in the shooting. 

Anyone with information about it is urged to contact the Dallas Police Department.