10 Year ALS surivor O.J. Brigance returns to Rice University

Family, friends and former teammates of OJ Brigance gathered at Rice University Saturday night, the place where it all started. It was there he played football in the late 1980's, from there he went on to a career in Canada and then the NFL.

Many years later the football legend was diagnosed with ALS.

"Thanks to the grace of God, loving family and friends and a great medical team I have been blessed to live ten years of the impossible", says Brigance.

FOX 26's own Mate Griffin hosted the Celebration of Courage, the night to pay tribute to OJ Brigance, a ten year ALS survivor.

"It has often been an uphill, frustrating battle at times, but continual faith, hope and perspective will always outlast the fires of adversity", says Brigance.

"ALS is something we need to help find a cure for you know there is OJ with it, I have a dear friend with it suffering from ALS, we have a young man on the football team who's mother who has ALS and it's a cause I'd like to see more people involved in", SAYS head football coach for Rice University David Bailiff.

Rice University officials were honored to have him come back for the occasion, calling him a staple to the Rice football legacy.

"When you think about the icons of Rice Football OJ Brigance is one of the top few names that comes across your mind and so to have him come back to Houston is really special", says athletics director Joe Karlgaard.