Lunch for the Soul: Man shares afterlife experience after serious car wreck

Ben Hylden flipped his car while driving on ice in 2007 when he was only 16-years old. He was thrown from the vehicle into a frozen, muddy field. His parents, who never typically drive along that highway, happened to go that way, and saw the wreckage. They immediately pulled over to help the victim. His car was upside down, his body mangled and bloody, so they didn’t even realize it was him at first. Then, his mom noticed his shoes had been ripped off in the wreck, and she recognized his feet! He stopped breathing in her arms for about four minutes. 

They were able to revive him until he got to the hospital. He had so many broken bones and internal injuries, that he was raced to the operating room, where he stopped breathing again.

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Surgeons were able to bring him back to life and allowed his body to rest with a respirator. They told his family he had very little time to live and expected him to die within hours or days, at the longest. He beat all odds and was able to make a full recovery. 

His family and friends constantly prayed for him, and their prayers were answered. Now, he’s sharing his brief experience in what he describes as the afterlife.

"The peace I had within my soul, in my body, and my mind that was the most amazing part! I’ll tell everybody that watches this to be excited for the next life, seriously be excited! It is the greatest and beyond comprehension – the way you feel, your mind, your body, there are no words to describe how you feel," says Hylden.


He remembers wanting to crawl to his parents right after his wreck, to apologize to them, after an argument. He says the wreck brought him closer to them than ever before and he describes how the wreck helped renew his faith in his book, "Finding Faith in the Field." He even came out with his own clothing line.

You can find out more by visiting his website!