What's the secret to a great fried taco at Burger Libre?

La Porte, Texas is the home to a new wresting-themed restaurant named Burger Libre. The minimalistic menu offers just a few kinds of burgers, one type of taco, in addition to fries, tater tots, shakes and sodas.

There are already lines of hungry diners out the door by 10:30 a.m. each day.

Burger Libre is part of the family of restaurants that also includes Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen, Jimmy Changas® and Bullritos.

Heather McKeon, vice president of marketing for the company, shares with FOX 26 News food segment contributor Cleverley Stone, host of The Cleverley Show on CBS Sports Radio 650 AM, the secret to making a perfect fried taco. (We guarantee it's not what you would expect!)