Things to consider before getting a pet rabbit this Easter

If you’re considering getting a live bunny as a family pet this Easter, there are several things you should consider first before making the commitment.

Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society says pet rabbits can live eight to 10 years, even 12 years, and adopting one is a lifetime commitment for the bunny.

“You can't just, you know, six months in think, ‘this isn't working out, let me go put it in the backyard.’ They can't fend for themselves,” Monica says. She says the same consideration should go into adopting baby chicks that will grow up into adult chickens.

Monica says while rabbits can be great pets, they are not necessarily good starter pets or pets for families with young children.

“They have very fragile bone structures. They get frightened very easily,” she says. “Maybe older kids or even adults, they’d be a great companion. Think about it and do your homework.”

Monica also shared some steps you can take to keep all of your pets safe.

  1. Bag the candy
  2. Ditch the dangerous décor
  3. Pass on poisonous plant
  4. Don’t leave eggs out after a hunt