Reconnect with 'romantic getaway' during holiday

Who wouldn’t love a “romantic getaway” over the three day weekend? But time, money, and the kids limit you, and many times you may find yourself feeling like a holiday weekend is just an extra day home with care-taking and running errands. Research suggests that ongoing intimacy is key to relationships, and taking periodic getaways are one way to help couples stay connected.

The great thing about “romantic getaways” is you don’t have go anywhere. The only thing required is effort on both of your parts to prioritize your relationship and take the time to spend it together making each person feel loved, emotionally close and physically connected.    

Choose one or two of these suggestions and make them part of your holiday weekend. You’ll go back to work feeling cared for and more supported rather than frazzled and alone.

  1. Begin the weekend by taking time to smile, hug and kiss your partner every chance you get. Make sure they know that the best part of the weekend for you is spending it with them.
  2. Pay special attention to how good your partner looks and verbalize it all weekend.
  3. Little surprises or small gifts remind your partner you think about them throughout the day. Write them little love notes and leave put them all over the house where your partner will find them.
  4. Guys, if you can get a babysitter, plan a night out to woo her. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Just tell her how to dress. Point out your favorite dress she wears and how it flatters her body. If you can’t get out, plan a candlelit dinner. Cooking for her or with her is very romantic when you add dim lighting, candles, soft music, good smells and your favorite drinks. 
  5. Get up early and watch the sun rise together, or for night owls, watch it set together. Late night pancakes and mimosas are as fun to make together for a midnight snack as they are in the morning for an early breakfast.
  6. Rain doesn’t have to stop your romantic getaway. In fact, it’s an opportunity for romance. Instead of sitting and watching a movie after the kids are in bed, go outside and kiss in the rain. If you’ve never had this experience, you are missing a very romantic experience.
  7. There is nothing as romantic or luxurious a bubble bath together. Warm water comforts the mind and body, and being able to look at each other and talk about your relationship and plans helps you feel connected and in love again.
  8. In everyday life, stress is held in specific areas of your body. The neck, head, and hips are major areas. A massage given to you by your partner is a romantic expression of love. It doesn’t have to be a total body massage, it can be shoulders, feet, or legs. After a bath when your body is relaxed is the perfect time.

Reconnecting with your partner is the best investment you can make to ensure your health, finances and emotional well-being. Couples who feel loved and supported report higher happiness, better health and improved quality of life. Having a three day weekend is an opportunity to have extra time with the one you love. Take the time and experience a wonderful romantic getaway!