One Click Trip: Tour the White House

Explore the inside of the White House and the residence halls of the United States' president, including a walk around the Oval Office.

Walk through the halls and click on the areas to take steps forward. Users can gaze at the artwork and look at the portraits of former presidents.

There are guided tours to let you know what you are looking at. It’s really neat to see these self-portraits up close and personal like the Gilbert Stuart Portrait of George Washington, which if you look close enough has spelling errors in it.

There’s lots of beauty inside the rooms from furnishings to light fixtures, doors and candles.

Make your way from the Cross Hall to the Red, Blue or Green Room. You can make your way around the State Dining Room or the East Room. The Family Dining Room and Entrance Hall is also available.

They also offer the second floor to experience virtually, which includes the bedroom and the yellow oval room.

The site also shows the east and the west wing. Explore the Oval Office and the Press Briefing Room. Explore the cabinet Room and Roosevelt Room.

It’s neat to recognize that these are the rooms our leaders have made major decisions in that shaped America.

To take a tour visit: