Houston Humane society seizes over 200 animals amid allegations of cruelty and neglect

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“I’m very upset because they are taking everything,” said Shannon Iven, owner of Santa Fe feed store.

Iven is visibly shaken as law officers converge on her business.

All of this follows a complaint to animal control officers alleging animal cruelty and neglect.

“They did come out, they saw enough to continue that investigation and go before a judge so hopefully we can get these animals the care that they need,” said Monica Schmidt with the Houston Humane Society.

“I love my animals and people that know me know that,” Iven said.

Iven says she believes all of this follows someone dumping a sick pig on her property last week that she says she tried to save.

“All my animals are healthy the other pigs are fat that are in there as well,” Iven said. “But that’s basically what it’s all about.”

The 200 plus animals taken from the business include dogs, cats, and just about every kind of animal you can think of.

“There’s a donkey on property, there’s sheep, two goats, roosters, hens, rabbits, tarantulas, snakes, guinea pigs,” Schmidt said.

“I’m kind of worried about where they are going to go cause they’re taking everything and I hope nothing happens to them,” Iven said.

The humane society says all of the animals will be checked out by a vet, and will remain in their care until a court hearing is held.

“It’s devastating but I’m going to fight back and defend my rights,” Iven said. “That’s what I’m supposed to do, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

The animal cruelty investigation is ongoing and currently no charges are filed against Iven.

A week from Friday a court hearing will be held and a judge will decide if all the animals stay in the custody of the Humane society or will be returned to the feed store owner.