High tech robot featured in international competition

Houston First Championship is an international robotics competition in which 30,000 students will demonstrate all of the hard work they put into creating their robot. It's a celebration of space, innovation, and STEM inspiration. 

Team 3309 from Orange County, California, went with a space theme. Their robot can easily pick up a large ball and place it into different parts of a spaceship. They did a different type of demonstration for us, to show us how it works.

Ray Machado and the team's lead mentor Evan Smith explained how their team (Adrian, Matthew, and Carson) all work together to bring the robot to life, so-to-speak. The competition varies from elementary to high school students.  Evan is an engineer at Boeing who helped lend ideas on the building of the robot. 

For more information, https://www.firstchampionship.org and http://www.team3309.org