Dog 'boiled alive' finds new home and comfort in fluffy sweaters

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Content in this story contains images of a graphic nature that viewers may find distressing.

A little dog that was believed to have been boiled alive and then thrown off a 4th floor balcony survived his horrific ordeal to be rescued by a woman who spotted him badly scalded and in terrible pain.

The reason? A six weeks old, the little guy chewed on his owner's cell phone.

The dog was brought to the animal charity Animals Asia where he was seen by a vet.

The vet that treated the dog said, "I was shocked and sickened to my core. I could not stop the tears from rising, there was no point. Never had I seen an animal in so much pain.”

The six-week-old dog was renamed Tuffy because of his tough nature and he began to defy the odds by getting better.

This footage shows some graphic images of Tuffy’s injuries and his gradual recovery into a happy looking dog, with an impressive collection of sweaters and hoodies to cover his scars.

Tuffy now lives with his original rescuer Yan Yingying in Chengdu, China.