Texas oil and gas industry an issue in the national debate - What's Your Point?

 The latest Quinnipiac poll lists Texas as a straight-up tie between Joe Biden and President Trump at 47% to 47%. The heavy does of energy discussion in this week's presidential debate could have serious ramifications. Democrat Joe Buden doubled down on his commitment for a carbon-neutral America by the year 2035.

Biden's fossil-fuel shutdown brings Texas-sized response

According to Rice political analyst Mark Jones, that was a sledgehammer message to Houston's oil and gas folks that their industry is essentially "a dead man walking" if Democrats prevail.

This week's panel Bill King, businessman, columnist, Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Charles Blain founder of Urban Reform, Antonio Diaz, educator and host of Latino Politics and News (KPFT) join Greg Groogan to discuss the impact of the debate and if that single issue involving so many jobs keep Texas in the red column this election.

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