Social distancing a challenge in the Texas House- What's Your Point


Anyone who has worked on or around a Texas legislative session clearly understands that under normal circumstances it is a process replete with near-constant personal interaction.

Obviously, when lawmakers reconvene there will be nothing "normal" about the pandemic environment certain to prevail beneath the capitol dome. Plexiglass dividers, the expulsion of the press, spectators, and lobbyists from the respective chambers, mobile sanitizing machines, virtual committee hearings, all potential measures clearly on the table along, no doubt, with many others.

This week's panel, Mark Jones, Rice University political analyst, Sue Lovell, former Houston City Councilmember, Charles Blain, founder of Urban reform, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Jasper Scherer, Houston Chronicle political reporter join host Greg Groogan talk about how the Texas legislature will address the health and safety of its members while legislating for the public.

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