Senator Ted Cruz and the trip to Mexico - What's Your Point?

But "great" was not how many folks viewed Senator Ted Cruz's family trip to the Cancun Ritz Carlton, as the citizens he was elected to represent endured a hellish blackout in subfreezing temperatures.

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 Mr. Cruz exacerbated the "bad look" by first claiming he was escorting his wife and children with the intention of a rapid return to frost bitten Texas, only to later concede that he originally planned to stay at the luxury resort through the weekend.


With political blood in the water, the response from democrats has been predictably scathing, but not near as brutal as the meme's on social media

    What's Your Point host Greg Groogan asks the panel, whats the fall-out here for our state's junior senator? 

This week’s panel, Bob Price, Associate Editor Breitbart Texas, Bill King, columnist and Houston businessman, Charles Blain, founder of Urban Reform, Tomaro Bell, Super neighborhood leader, and Tony Diaz, host of Latono Polititcs and News on KPFT.

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