Race for County Judge perhaps not a "sure thing" for incumbent - What's Your Point?

 Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo speaking six days before Texas Comptroller Glen Hager ruled County leaders had in fact "de-funded" local constables by clawing back their reserve funds.

 While budgets for law enforcement have increased modestly during Hidalgo's time in office - critics contend the resources provided were in no way proportional to what was genuinely needed to counter a crime wave of historic proportion.

Consequently, restoring public safety is the core component of republican Alex Mealer's campaign.


Incumbency, in a county thought to be largely blue, should have made this race a "cakewalk" - but with the violent crime wave still raging... And the bid-rigging indictment of three of her key aides....how do you see Hidalgo's re-election bid unfolding?