Ongoing counts and President Trump's refusal to concede the election - What's Your Point?

12 days have passed since our national election and despite mounting confirmation of Democrat Joe Biden's victory, millions of Americans still refuse to accept the outcome. It is a refusal urged by President Donald Trump and a slate of hard-core allies who allege the election is being "stolen" in what amounts to a vast, left-wing conspiracy. As of "election day-plus 12" - no demonstrable proof of substantial, outcome altering fraud has been presented and verified. 

It bears mentioning that the President and his supporters are alleging rampant fraud in states like Georgia and Arizona where Republicans are in charge of the election process and insisting the process they administered is clean and honest. Fueling the "stop the steal" movement, so-called fringe social media platforms, and a full blown fundraising effort by the Trump campaign to finance the legal challenges.

Here in Texas, Lt.. Governor Dan Patrick has offered a million-dollar reward for evidence of election fraud which leads to a criminal conviction.

This week’s panel Bill King, businessman and columnist, Janice Evans, media consultant, Gary Polland, conservative political analyst, Genevive Carter, communications and public affairs strategist, Anthony Diaz, host of Latino Politics and News, KPFT Radio join host Greg Groogan. to discuss the battle to prevent  President-Elect Joe Biden from taking the oath of office.