On the precipice of disaster or return to normal Harris Co. COVID-19 cases climb - What's Your Point?

This week’s panel Wayne Dolcefino, media consultant, Charles Blain, founder of Urban Reform, Bill King, businessman and columnist, Tomaro  Bell, Super Neighborhood leader, and Antonio Diaz, host Latino Politics and News joins Greg Groogan talking about the latest rise in COVID-19 numbers in Harris County and whether we should pause the re-opening process.

A spike in the number COVID-19 hospitalizations during the past week prompted Harris County Judge Lina hidalgo to sound the alarm and warn that our community is on "the precipice of disaster". While some criticized Hidalgo's statement as hyperbole, the Judge's position drew support from respected experts like Houston Methodist CEO, Dr. Marc Boom, who said the rapid rise in cases and hospitalizations should trigger a pause in the on-going re-opening process.  

For most of the week, the number of hospitalizations statewide hovered just above 2,000. It's also fair to note that while new cases and hospitalizations are up - fatalities from COVID-19 have fallen as health care providers deliver more effective treatment.

The latest numbers regarding COVID-19 in the greater Houston area.