New Harris Co. fund includes money for illegal residents- What's Your Point?

First it was millions for taxpayer funded legal aid for those facing deportation, and then this week, $15 million more Harris County dollars for cash grants to low income residents, including those living in Harris County illegally. 

Progressive supporters of Commissioner Rodney Ellis’s proposal say the COVID19 relief is for those facing hardship but who are ineligible for federal stimulus payments.

Not everyone agreed with the vote, Commissioner Jack Cagle had this to say:    "The bottom line is that it’s not the role of county government to be picking winners and losers on who to tax the property tax payers and give them away to the favored population du jour. Our pic fund has roughly $300 million in it, which is to carry us through two disasters, that would be a hurricane and another disaster or two hurricanes. At $30 million a session it won’t be long until we're flat out broke."