Issues for the Midterms - Inflation, crime, health - What's Your Point?

Four months and change, that's how much time separates American voters from yet another critical inflection point - the midterm election.
 What's Your Point host Greg Groogan taps our team's considerable knowledge, political instinct, and daily contact with regular folks here and around the country, to discuss the pivotal issue that will have the most impact on the outcome in November. Will it be debilitating inflation squeezing household budgets? Will it be gun-related violence in the wake of Uvalde, Buffalo, and lingering local crime waves?
Also clearly on the minds of many voters is the crisis of our radically unsecure border and the ongoing waves of uninvited immigration?
And finally - the deeply divisive issue of abortion and the Supreme Court's controversial decision to retract a woman's freedom of "reproductive choice".   

As we continue our discussion of the pivotal issues most likely to impact the midterm election., crippling inflation, ongoing border crisis, violent crime... or the freedom to abort a pregnancy, which "concern" or combination of concerns - will push the most Americans to cast ballots, and in so doing..."decide" the path forward?
The latest Associated Press poll tells us 85% of Americans say the country is on the "wrong track" and 79% describe our economy as "poor".

Rounding out the discussion on the midterm election issues, Greg Groogan discusses with the panel what national topics will have the most impact on local elections.