Freedom and the liberties it should guarantee in the U.S.

The Independence Day weekend edition of What's Your Point brings together a panel of talented young leaders so-called Millenials, 
who have already demonstrated a desire to lead our community into a future filled with both uncertainty and opportunity; 
Michele Leal, Latino Texas PAC, Genevieve Carter, Communication Dir. of Harris County GOP, Raj Sahotra, co-founder Momentum Education, Charles Blain, Urban Reform, and Anthony Dolcefino, conservative, former City Council candidate. 

What should freedom look like in this nation? Should freedom now include the elimination of fear, fear of economic insecurity, fear of lack of health care, fear of limited access to education, fear that humans have destructively altered the climate, fear of involuntary removal toa country of origin, ear of racial disparity, and worse. Greg Groogan leads the panel in a discussion of freedom and what liberties should it guarantee as we move deeper into the 21st century.