Can $17 million ease the crimewave and unclog our courts - What's Your Point?


Harris County is suffering deeply from the effects of yet another, completely separate epidemic,  an epidemic of crime and violence.
In response, Judge Lina Hidalgo this week offered up a $17 million dollar plan to whittle away the mind-blowing 140,000 case backlog sitting unresolved in our criminal courts.

The temporary measure funds the hiring of so-called "associate judges" and expands jury operations at NRG.
There’s also a $2 million dollar appropriation for a dozen additional prosecutors - manpower district attorney Kim Ogg has been pleading for.

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A little history.
Long before this crime wave unfolded D.A. Ogg asked for more than 100 additional prosecutors to help ease the pressure on a team burdened with among the heaviest caseloads in the country.
Hidalgo and fellow democrats in the majority said "no" repeatedly.

A supporter of the D.A.'s office described this plan as a "fig leaf" solution to a problem that's spiraling out of control.