Across the nation and around the world COVID-19 is surging again - What's Your Point

Far from fading, the stubborn coronavirus is again surging. Republicans, Democrats,  Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, at a time all, had truly hoped this costly pandemic would be receding. The troubling news is emerging as scientists have detected an increase in new infections in no fewer than  38 states.  And it's not just the U.S. suffering a resurgence of COVID-19, European nations including Spain, France the U.K.. and even Germany are all experiencing an uptick in new cases.

The latest on the coronavirus

This week’s panel; Wayne Dolcefino, investigative media consultant, Carmen Roe, Houston attorney, Charles Blain, founder Urban Reform, Janice Evans, media consultant, and Chris Tritico, attorney FOX 26 legal analyst join host Greg Groogan to talk about the way the Trump administration and state and local officials have handled the pandemic and look to the future for what lies ahead this winter.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. can now test several million people daily for coronavirus but the boom comes with a new challenge: keeping track of the results. Testing sites are legally required to report their results to public health agencies. But state health officials say the results from many rapid tests are going unreported. That means some COVID-19 infections may not be counted. Experts say the situation could get worse. The government is shipping 100 million of the newest rapid tests for use in public schools, assisted living centers and other new testing sites with little training or staffing to report the results.