Accusations against Texas AG Ken Paxton - What's Your Point?

Folks at the state capitol continue to buzz after the stunning, simultaneous outcry of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's seven top lieutenants. All have alleged their former boss has abused the power of his office and committed crimes including bribery on behalf of Austin real estate operator Nate Paul. 

Paxton denied wrongdoing and says he'll remain in office. According to his accusers, the Attorney General hired an outside lawyer using taxpayer dollars to intimidate Mr. Paul's business rivals and investigate federal agents.

This week's panel Bob Price, Breitbart Texas, Tomaro Bell, neighborhood leader, Tony Diaz, host Latino News and Politics on KPFT radio, Kathleen McKinley, conservative blogger, and Bill King, businessman, and columnist join Greg Groogan to discuss the controversy swirling around the Texas Attorney General.

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What's Your Point?