Video: Lightning bolt causes massive house fire in Katy

Wednesday night's storms caused some serious issues for homeowners in Katy after a lightning bolt struck a home causing it to burst into flames. 

Video being shared in a neighborhood Facebook group shows the moments a massive lightning bolt struck a home on Murano Gardens Court near Clay road in Katy. 

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Connie and her husband live across the street and were watching the storm from their window Wednesday evening when they witnessed mother nature's wrath. 

"Lightning will strike wherever it pleases," said Connie, who lives across the street. "We saw this intense bright light and then instantly this loud boom, and my husband was like oh no that hit a house."

Moments after the lightning strike black smoke could be seen shooting from the roof, it wasn't long before the entire home was up in flames. 

"We have some gentleman in the neighborhood that are like superheroes in a sense; because without any concern for their own safety, they went into the house while it was on fire just to make sure there was no one in the house," Connie explained. 


Luckily, no one was home when that lightning bolt hit and no injuries were reported.