Tornadoes reported in North Texas, leaving significant damage to homes, schools

Reported tornadoes left significant damage in at least two North Texas cities on Monday afternoon. Damage has been reported in Jack and Montague Counties.

Jacksboro tornado damages schools

In the city of Jacksboro, located 60 miles northwest of Fort Worth, witnesses reported seeing a tornado around 4 p.m.

FOX 4 Dallas crews captured video of Jacksboro High School, which suffered extensive damage, with part of its roof collapsed, debris across the gym, and damage to the football field.

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Photo shows the damaged roof of Jacksboro High School after a reported tornado swept through north Texas Monday night. 

A school spokesperson confirmed to FOX 4 there were no injuries to students or staff. There was also damage to several vehicles in the school parking lot.

There are also reports of more damage to homes and an animal shelter on the west and northwest side of the city.

US Highway 380 at US 281 was closed south of Jacksboro due to downed trees and power lines, as was US 281 at SH 114 north of Jacksboro, according to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety.

Tornado in Bowie leaves "houses flattened"

A second tornado was reported in Bowie and early reports indicate extensive damage, according to FOX Weather.

FOX 4 Chaser Michael Bear saw a large wedge tornado that crossed over Hwy 287 near Bowie. The city was performing search and rescue, as several reports of flattened homes.

An emergency manager in Montague County reports "a great deal of damage to residences" in Bowie including reports of "houses flattened" on Salona Highway north of Bowie.

The fire chief there also reports property damage at the gas plant off Highway 59 just south of Bowie. 

Emergency managers report a structure collapse along Highway 101 and structure damage near Paradise.

Tornado Warning vs. Tornado Watch

Areas in North, Central and Southeast Texas remain under a Tornado Watch until 10 p.m. with Tornado Warnings popping up in different parts of the state as the storm blows through.

What is the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning issued by the National Weather Service?

Tornado Watch: Be Prepared! Areas under a watch are experiencing conditions that are favorable for possible tornadoes. The watch area is typically large, covering numerous counties or even states. Watches are issued by the Storm Prediction Center for counties where tornadoes may occur.

Tornado Warning: Take Action! A warning is issued when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. There is imminent danger to life and property. Warnings are issued by your local forecast office. Warnings typically encompass a much smaller area, like the size of a city or small county, that may be impacted by a tornado identified by a forecaster on radar or by a trained spotter/law enforcement who is watching the storm.

FOX 4 News and FOX Weather contributed to this report.