Avoiding buyer's remorse in this competitive real estate market

A new Bankrate survey finds more than half of millions who bought a home in this competitive market regret it. Many say they spent too much and felt pressure to buy something they didn't love. Jennifer Wauhob, HAR chair-elect discusses ways to avoid buyer's remorse.

Advice for potential home sellers: stay put or go?

A lot of homeowners are tempted to sell in this hot housing market. However, should you stay put or should you go? We speak with Personal Finance Expert Dan Roccato with Credible.com on what you should know before you decide to sell.

How homebuyers can win a bidding war

Almost a quarter of the homes on the market right now are selling above the asking price. That means many buyers are ending up in bidding wars. Credible.com Personal Finance expert Dan Roccato has tips on how to win and when to bow out.

US new home sales jump 13.8% in June

The Commerce Department reported Friday that the June gain pushed sales of new homes to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 776,000. The increase follows a 19.4% jump in May.

Houston realtor caught posting racist messages on social media

“Black people bring out the worst in us”. “I’m sick of these thugs making excuses on the news for their animal behavior”. These are just a portion of two of the posts put up on Facebook by Houston realtors and the complaints began rolling in. The Houston Association of Realtors immediately followed up with a post of its own saying "Racism Has No Home Here".