UH board of regents offers huge raise to Tom Herman

The University of Houston Board of Regents gave its approval on Thursday for the school to offer head football coach Tom Herman an immediate salary increase from $1.35 million to $3 million.

UH board chairman Tilman Fertitta said if Herman accepts the offer, the raise would be effective immediately.

The two sides have yet to negotiate a long-term deal, but the salary of $3 million is a starting point according to Fertitta.

"We want to take that and start that as a base, and then we'll take it up every year after that (during the negotiation)," Fertitta said. "We want to lock him into a long-term contract.

“We’re excited to present Tom with this. We want to keep Tom Herman as the coach of the University of Houston. We’re putting him in the tier where he belongs with the big coaches out there.

“We’re going to sit down and negotiate the rest of it, but we wanted to jump his salary from the $1.3 to the $3 million to show him and give him the respect he deserves for being one of the best football coaches in America.”

Fertitta said he will lead the school’s negotiations to keep Herman.

“It’s important for the University of Houston and our department of athletics to make a statement that the University of Houston does not need to be a stepping stone for coaches, but rather a destination and that was the statement we made (Thursday),” said Hunter Yurachek, vice president of intercollegiate athletics for UH.

The UnIversity of Houston is being aggressive in its approach with Herman in part because he has been linked to a number of the best jobs available in college football.

“We’re going to give Coach Herman our best offer," Yurachek said. "He’ll know, as we’re negotiating, he’s going to get the best offer he can from the University of Houston.

"We’re going to make it  really hard for him to choose to go to another institution.”