Dwight Howard goes with Peak in new shoe deal

Dwight Howard has a new shoe deal with China-based Peak.

The move continues a trend of Chinese shoe companies getting big-name NBA players. Peak's current NBA roster includes the likes of the Spurs' Tony Parker and the Pacers' George Hill.

"I'm very blessed to be with the company Peak," Howard said on Saturday. "A lot of people ask me why I left Adidas.

"I had a great run with Adidas. Peak is an up and coming company and we're really looking forward to helping them grow in the States."

The move to Peak has been reported for months. Earlier in September, Peak tweeted about Howard's new deal. On Saturday, at his camp for kids in grades 1-12, Howard was wearing a pair of Peak shoes.

"The shoes I have on aren't the shoes I'm going to be wearing during the season, but we customized a really great shoe and it looks good."

And while other companies like Nike or Adidas are global, going with Peak is definitely taking things internationally with Howard's branding.

"A brand like Peak that has an opportunity to really grow and become a global brand, it's something that the owner, myself, and everybody under him is looking forward to do.

"I am very blessed," Howard added. "I had a chance to meet the owner of the company in China. Even though he couldn't speak any English, we had a great conversation. He's a great guy. We all have the same goals, so I'm very excited and happy about where I'm at."