Arian Foster says there is a 'chance' he could return Sunday

Four-time Pro Bowl Running back Arian Foster said he could play Sunday for the Texans in Atlanta against the Falcons.

Head coach Bill O’Brien has labeled running back Arian Foster a game-time decision.

Foster underwent groin surgery in early August.

“Progression is well I think from two months ago from having it off the bone til today,” Foster told the Houston media on Friday. “ It feels great, and so yeah I feel like I've got a chance. It just depends on how it feels on Sunday.”

Actually, Foster has been told playing might be just what the doctor ordered or at least suggested at this stage.

“The more you run on it, the more confidence you build on it,” Foster said. “I talked to the doctor that cut me open and he said the best rehab is actually getting out there and playing. He feels confident that the attachment is going to stay there. That helps out.”

If Foster is a go for Sunday he has no idea how much he will be used.

“I’m just a rook really, a chess piece out there, and that’s the coach’s call,” Foster said.” He’ll ask me how I feel and we’ll have some nice conversations about it. Ultimately, it’s the coach’s call how much he wants to play me out there.”

Foster certainly wants to be on the field helping his team.

“I haven’t played since December of last year,” Foster said. “It’s what I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid, playing in the NFL. I’m excited. I love what I do. I’m excited, edgy and juiced.”

Foster looks forward to playing with quarterback Ryan Mallett,

“We never got a chance to rock together,” Foster said. “I feel like he has a really good command of the offense.

"You can tell it’s just very smooth when he gets out there because he’s been in it for so long, When you have players like that who are confident in what they’re doing it’s going to be fun.”

Foster hopes to have a lot of fun on Sunday in Atlanta.