Woman shot to death in her driveway, no suspects

Leticia Martinez had two kids, three grandkids, and zero reasons to be murdered. At least, none that her family can think of.

"The only thing I know is somebody shot my sister in law.  That's the only thing I know," said Edgar Martinez.

Right now, the circumstances of her murder are as foggy as the night it happened. Around 9:30 p.m., there was a car parked near her home. After she arrived home and was unlocking the gate, a gunman got out of the car and approached her.

"There were several people in the house and they heard gunshots," said Lt. Larry Crowson. "When they went outside, they found a female on the ground."

It was 52-year-old Leticia. She died right there, outside her home and down the block from Raul Martinez Elementary School, where she had been a volunteer teacher's aide for 22 years. She taught this woman who now has a son here.

"She was always smiling, I can say that. Every time I've seen her she was laughing, smiling, getting perfectly along with everybody else here," she said, but declined to give us her name.

The school has called in grief counselors to help students and staff process the ordeal. Police don't have a description of the killer, but they do have surveillance video from the business across the street. However, it was dark and foggy that night. Nevertheless, her family hopes it will shine a light on whoever did this.

"She had no enemies. I don't know. That's they only thing I can say,"  said Martinez.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).