Woman shot, killed after pointing gun at deputies

A Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable shot a woman to death on Monday night after she refused to put down her weapon. 

Deputy constables arrived at the woman's home on Spring Dane Drive at around 9:15 p.m. Monday. They were contacted by Iowa Park police who said that the woman who lived at the home was contacting her family members by phone, making threats to kill them, and also saying she would harm anyone from law enforcement who arrived to her home. 

When deputy constables arrived at her home, they waited for backup to arrive. The woman, described as around 45 years of age, was carrying a pistol, causing the law enforcement officers to command her to drop the weapon. She refused to obey the command, faced the officers and pointed the gun towards them, according to Precinct 4. One of the deputy constables was forced to shoot her.

When EMS arrived, they pronounced her dead at the crime scene. The woman has not been identified.

One of the woman's neighbors tells FOX 26 News that she always seemed very paranoid and she would ask him to alert police if he noticed any one suspicious around her home.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office tells FOX 26 that the last welfare check they made to the victim's home was on Aug. 5 when she was making statements saying that she suffered from mental illness.