Woman says man used phone to follow her while holiday shopping

Earlier in the week, Tish Eubanks went shopping at the Marshalls store on West Gray Street near Waugh Drive. While inside, she noticed a man was following her around the store. 

Later on during her shopping experience, Eubanks noticed a phone had been placed inside her purse. She then immediately went to the manager and explained what happened.

Eubanks says she believes the man was going to track her home and now she wants to warn others about what happened to her.

"It did scare me and it did make me realize that he was probably tracking me and he was probably going to track me into my house and it just, it scared me," says Eubanks. "And I did post it on Facebook because I wanted other people to be aware of that technology is a great thing but we also need to be aware that some of the things it can do that we never could dream of I never dream somebody could put their phone in my purse and follow me but that can happen."