Woman says bullet from 'active shooter' just missed her

Carolyn Allen tells FOX 26 News that she was headed to work out on Monday morning when out of nowhere, a bullet punctured her windshield.

"When the bullet came through, I just knew I was covered in glass," says Allen. "I thought my cell phone had exploded." At the time, she didn't know an active shooter was on a rampage.

Allen says she was covered in blood, but adds that she kept driving along Law Avenue and stopped to tell a police officer that she had been shot.

"He said, 'Turn off your car and we'll get you an ambulance,'" says Allen. She also says she shut her car off until she heard gunshots again and decided to leave.

"I drove home said to my husband, 'I have to go get all this blood taken care of -- I'm bleeding from my arm, I'm bleeding from my face.'"

When Allen arrived to the hospital, she realized she was not wounded and that It was the glass from the windshield that cut into her skin.

Allen says she is lucky to be alive but in shock that this happened in her neighborhood of more than 50 years. Her husband tells FOX 26 that he's just thankful to have Carolyn back in his arms.

"We were both plenty scared, pretty close, but we didn't know how close until they found the bullet hole in the post by her head, that's the worst part," says Carolyn's husband.