Woman pushes would be robber out of Houston Jewelry

It was all caught on camera. As workers at Houston Jewelry arrived at work Tuesday morning, they were opening up shop. Little did they know a man wearing a suit and hoodie was hiding around the corner. Moments later he was at the business door, trying to break in.

Judy Memmel wasn't going to let that happen. "He comes around the corner and starts to pull the door open and I said we are closed and I did see his gun in his holster and then I put my hands up and shoved him and said you're not coming in", says Memmel.

Her coworker Kathye Parker was there too and was able to run and press the panic button. Memmel nonchalantly locked the door, grabbed her bag and walked back to the others, in a very calm demeanor.

"He had already started firing the gun and he had fired it three times so I was concerned for his safety and I wanted to get people over here as soon as possible", says Parker.

"You don't have time to be scared, if you're mad, you give him a shove", says Memmel.

CEO of Houston Jewelry Rex Solomon says he has mixed emotions about it all. He says it was a dangerous thing to do, but yet says she's proud of Memmel.

"It's going to be hard for him to live down trying to be a thug, a 6'2" thug, but he was pushed down by a grandmother and he ran, like a coward", says Solomon.

In anyone recognizes the two men in suits and hoodies, or their dark blue Impala with a tint and paper plates, calls CRIME STOPPERS at 713-222-TIPS.