Woman fatally shot in front of her children by security guard

Houston police say a mother of three attacked a security guard with a bat and was shot and killed in Southeast Houston Monday. The shooting happened at The Park at Sutton Hall Apartments on the 11900 block of MLK Boulevard.  

Investigators said two sisters were inside an apartment with four young kids when one of the women began having some sort of mental crisis. Police said the woman took a sledgehammer and began bashing the walls of the apartment.

Police said the sister ran downstairs with her infant and asked the security guard for help, fearing for the children’s safety.

“She was taking a sledgehammer and bashing the walls. The woman had a 3, 5, and 7-year-old child in the apartment with her. Security went up to the door tried to reason with her and at one point, one of the children got close to him so he grabbed he child and took her out of the apartment where the sister was,” said Capt. Larry Crowson with the Houston Police Department.

Police said the woman in crises grabbed a bat and began hitting the security guard when he tried to grab her children. Investigators said the security guard feared for his life and shot her.

The woman was transported to the hospital where she died.

Police said the security guard is now In police custody and is being questioned by investigators. Investigators said this case will likely be turned over to a grand jury.