Woman dies, man arrested in apartment shooting

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Family and friends of Ashanti Hunter stand right by the spot where she lost her life just hours before. "I wish I could have been here to get her from him, I wish I could have," says her cousin Myriane Rodrigues.

Rodrigues recalls what happened. She says she was dropping off the kids from a sleepover earlier Sunday afternoon.

She says Hunter and her long-term boyfriend got into an argument. "I heard gunshots and it was my cousin, in my passenger seat," says Rodrigues.

It happened at an apartment in the 300 block of North Vista.

"A preliminary investigation indicates that a male suspect was in the residence with the female, they got into a verbal argument which lead into a physical confrontation", says Sergeant Greg Pinkins with the Harris County Sheriffs Office.

Police say that fight was taken outside. Hunter was trying to get into her cousin's car with her three kids. "The suspect came out, fired several rounds into the vehicle, then he fled the scene," says Sgt. Pinkins.

The 31-year-old suspect was later found at a nearby hotel where he called police to turn himself in. Neighbors out at the scene where shocked to hear what happened, others say they heard about six shots fired.

"My prayers and thoughts go out to the family and to those children because those children are really going to need prayer", says Sheneekeiaa Hudson.

Police say of the woman had three children, one was the suspect's. On the grounds outside you see shoes, left by those trying to flee the scene.

"She loved her kids, three beautiful kids," says Rodrigues.