Woman desperate to get her beloved dog back after she was taken from dog trainer in The Woodlands

Izzie can be seen in a video playing with a leaf and to her owner, Ashton Herring, Izzie is much more than a pet.

"I don't have human children. She is my child so to me, I've lost my child," Herring said.


Herring says she wanted to break Izzie of some bad habits, so she hired dog trainer, Zac Carman.

Izzie has been in Carman's possession since April 11.

"I've never lost a dog. I've never had a dog injured, had anything like this, and I'm lost. I don't know how to fix it," Carman said.

Izzie missing dog poster

On Saturday, Carman says he was training Izzie and three others in the parking lot of a Landry's at 1212 Lake Robbins Drive in The Woodlands.

"I was taking them out, each individually, and walking them around the block," he said.


Carman says a white woman in her 40s to 50s with shoulder-length blond hair confronted him.

"She was telling me my training was cruel, that electronic collars are unnecessary, and inhumane to dogs. They should all be in harnesses," said Carman.

After walking around the block with a dog, Carman says he returned to his truck to find Izzie gone.


He says the kennel was open, the tailgate down, and the electronic collar Izzie was wearing was in the bushes.

He called the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and Herring.

"It's devastating news. It's the worst news that I've had to receive in a long time. It's heartbreaking," said Herring.

Now, her mom is suffering because of this.

"Can you please find it in your heart to bring this dog, please bring her home," said Carman.

"She might have acted in a moment of concern for my dog, and I'm happy if that's the case. She can see Izzie is loved and has a wonderful home," Herring said. "I just don't know what life looks like without her. I just want her back."

If you have any information, you can call (281) 850-1090.