Wives of Apollo 11 support team share memories for 50th anniversary

"It was a very exciting time you know that we actually accomplished that," said Mildred McElya.

Even in the high tech world we live in now an American walking on the moon still seems incredible.

"I was actually the secretary for the original seven astronauts," McElya said.

She answered fan mail for the original seven astronauts.

"Everybody worked hard," McELya said. "It was unbelievable how hard everyone worked."

All these women are the wives of the Apollo 11 support team.

They saw first hand what it was like for the wife's of the Apollo 11 astronauts.

"They had to endure a lot of fear every time their husbands went up there they were under pressure," said Janet Burtzlaff. "The media was after them so they didn't have private lives."

The women became some of the first NASA residents in Friendswood and became life long friends.

"It was our husbands jobs so they had to go to the Cape every so often it was just a way of life," said Joyce Pavelka. "We were wives and mothers they made history."