Wife of Galveston County judge filed ethics complaint against her husband

It's been almost a year since Amy Henry, the first lady of Galveston County, accused her husband of funneling campaign contributions into the couple's private business.

We know this because FOX 26 has obtained Mrs. Henry's detailed complaint filed with the Texas Ethics Commission last February.

According to the sworn testimony, Amy Henry claims she served as campaign treasurer and was ordered by her husband to transfer $62,775 worth of political campaign contributions to the bank account of the Galveston Bay Beer Company -- a brewery she owns with her husband.

Speaking with FOX 26, Judge Henry contends the payment was partial reimbursement for money he personally loaned the campaign back in 2010.

"I loaned myself a substantial amount of money, over $100,000. We properly documented that as being repayable in the future and the Texas Ethics Commission agreed with that. The Ethics Commission investigated. We turned over everything they asked for and they dismissed the complaint," said Henry.

FOX 26 reviewed campaign documents on file at the Galveston County Courthouse. They indicate that candidate Henry designated more than $80,000 in political expenses for reimbursement in 2010 alone. A federal income tax document from the same year indicates the judge cashed in a substantial retirement account, reportedly to provide cash flow for his campaign.

The confidential ethics complaint lodged by Mrs. Henry came while the couple was contemplating divorce and was included in court records ordered "sealed", which means they should have remained secret.

They did not.

Judge Henry believes records from the divorce hearing were illegally obtained and purposely leaked by his political opponent in the upcoming Republican primary, District Judge Lonnie Cox.

"He's the administrative judge and he said in the past he has looked at other sealed records, so yes, he has access and he certainly has motive," said Henry.

Judge Henry says he's filed a criminal complaint against Judge Cox with the Galveston County District Attorney's Office.

Speaking with FOX 26, Judge Cox denies leaking any sealed document and says he welcomes an investigation.

 FOX 26 also confirmed today that Judge Cox is under investigation by the Texas Attorney General's Office amid allegations he accepted discounted legal services from a lawyer who practices in his court.

As for the Henrys, they remain married and Amy tells FOX 26 she's supporting her husband’s bid for re-election as Galveston County Judge.