Why it's important for Houston to cover international stories

International events are something we strive to cover locally because it affects our own people. Although thousands of miles, we always find people in Houston who are directly affected.

"Sometimes I get my international news from you guys, you guys do a good job of international news coverage. We tie it in there, and show the impact it has on Houston," said Professor Richard Sindelar at the University of St. Thomas


Professor Sindelar says the next generation, which are his students, are aware of the importance of knowing what’s going on around the world.

"Whether it's local, international, whatever, there is always going to be issues, and to be aware of it is going to be one thing that is going to help the future generations to come," said Dellanie Mejia, a student at the university who says she watches local news to see how international events are effecting us- especially during the hard times.

Journalism’s role in the international crisis is a topic that I talked about at a luncheon at the university. I have seen firsthand the kind of help we Houstonians can provide by shining light on the places, and students say see the impact too.

"People I think should be curious about the world and be aware about how it effects them because Houston is so international that little things across the world could have a drastic impact on their lives," said Dorthea Jacoby, a junior at the University of St. Thomas.


"You may not be able to send money to Ukraine, but being aware of what is going on in Ukraine and support the people from Ukraine, you may be able to help somehow," said Tchissola Silva, a student at the University of St. Thomas.

One thing for sure is Houstonians are not only diverse, but they are also arguably the kindest and most generous in the world.