What's Your Point? - general election as 'referendum'

During a week when aides from The White House, hardcore President Trump loyalists and the President himself attempted to “walk back” the spectacle in Helsinki, frazzled GOP political strategists facing critical mid-terms throughout the U.S. endeavored to first gauge and then begin the challenging task of mending the damage. They will have a little more than 100 days to work with.

Former White House senior advisor Steve Bannon says the general election in November is a “referendum on Trump,” meaning you are either with him, warts and all, or voting with Democrats to impeach him.

The What's Your Point? panel includes Republican strategist Jessica Colon, attorney Nyanza Moore, former Texas State Representative Steve Toth, Super Neighborhood leader Tomaro Bell, Chicano activist & educator Tony Diaz and Eastside conservative contributor Warren Fawcett.