What's Killing You? - digital chipped medication

What's Killing You?

Marijuana is responsible for the death of an 11-month-old child, according to some doctors in Denver. Colorado. The report marks the first documented death tied to a marijuana overdose. The baby was treated for a seizure but the only things that physicians could find wrong were high levels of THC in the child's blood and urine. His heart then mysteriously stopped. A lot of people are not believing that an overdose caused the death as no one before this has ever died from consuming too much marijuana. 

If you play football, brain injuries could be killing. In the effort to combat CTE, the brain disease affecting football players and military members, doctors for the first time have identified it in a living person.

A few years ago, doctors believed a retired football player's brain scans looked suspect. After Fred McNeill died, those doctors tested his brain and determined he did have CTE, meaning that their early predictions were right, which gives them hope of finding cases of it sooner in other players.    

If you are a conspiracy theorist, you might believe that the government is killing you. Some people say the federal government is trying to bug us so that they can control our bodies, because it is now legal to put digital chips in medicine! The process has been approved, mostly for mental health medications. It allows people to use an app to make sure someone took their prescribed pills, but some people worry this is a gateway to "Big Brother" accessing your body!