What is behind white women calling police on black people?

There is an article that has some talking about white women. The article suggests that white women are not afraid of black people, but instead they are using their limited power they have by calling the police on black people.

Let's put that in perspective. The author Stacey Patton from Dame Magazine says because white women live in a sexist world they have limited power so they used that limited power in other ways like calling the police on black people. For example, the white female who called the cops on black people in a park or the white female who called the cops on the black males who were in Starbucks.

We spoke to activist Deric Muhammad about this article.

"Many women people are appearing to be weaponizing law enforcement against black people," Muhammad said. "You have to remember that for decades the white woman has been elevated as the standard of beauty in this country. So the white woman is someone you're not supposed to quote, unquote 'touch'. So when a police officer, dispatch, hears a white woman making a phone call in distress, they respond differently to that call than to other calls especially if a black person is somewhere in that scenario. Particularly a black male."

On the Factor to talk about this is conservative blogger Kathleen McKinley, comedian and relationship expert Amber Neal and Angela Box.