WATCH: Toddler's Bracelet Caught in Garage Door

A mother in Kingwood is counting her blessings after her toddler was suspended feet about the ground by her wrist when a bracelet got caught in the garage door.

"Seeing it was really hard," said Michelle Best, the mother who reached out to FOX26 with the video Wednesday. "She was so scared."

The young girl was wearing a James Avery Medium Twist bracelet with an ice cream cone charm. Best says it was a new charm, and slightly larger than others the little girl had picked in the past.

 "The nanny was there. She actually held her and lifted her up with the garage, and then realized she's getting close to the top," explains Michelle. She says the nanny was then able to release the charm. Her daughter was shaken, but not injured. Best says her little one knows better than to approach the moving door again.

When asked whether she felt her daughter - who turns 3 in June - might be too young for a charm bracelet, Best says she feels this was a fluke accident.

"I have heard that already - 'she's two, why are you getting her a James Avery charm bracelet?' - but my kids have had them since they were her age. It's a tradition, they love getting the new charms," said Best, who herself wore the bracelets when she was a girl.

FOX26 reached out to several pediatric specialists as to the recommended age for jewelry on toddlers. Answers ranged from 6 months to 3 years.

In a statement, the James Avery company said they do not comment on customer-related issues but were grateful the girl was not injured.