Volunteers question why Missouri City officials seize medication from animal shelter

"They're trying to strong arm us," said shelter volunteer Jennifer Gibbons. "They're hurting the animals by doing that."

Before volunteers were allowed at the Missouri City Animal Shelter the euthanasia rate was heartbreaking.

98 percent of all cats and 80 percent of all dogs didn't make it out alive.

"When a dog had a perfectly treatable illness they would just put them down," said shelter volunteer Valerie Tolman.

Thanks to volunteers the shelter's euthanasia rate is now 20 percent for dogs and 64 percent for cats.

The volunteers even raised 40 grand to buy medication for the animals.

"From donations from citizens out of our own pocket," said Lynn Morgan.

But just a few days ago city officials took all the medication out of the shelter.

So what was the concern?

"Well the licensed veterinarian did tell us there was a number of expired medications in this group and there's some alleged controlled substances," said Missouri City Spokesman Cory Stottlemeyer.

Missouri City officials are now investigating.

"When something like that comes to our attention we want to react immediately," Stottlemeyer said.

So how long had the medication been at the shelter?

"About three years," Morgan said.

So why is the medication an issue now.

The volunteers say it's retaliation on the part of some elected officials

"I think the city council was angry that we asked for additional funding for the shelter," Tolman said.

"The trained volunteers were always able to come and go as we please and they've now made it where we can only come in at ten one and three o'clock," Gibbons said.

"I don't see how this is helping the animals in their care," Tolman said. "We're worried very worried about the animals in the shelter right now."