Vigil held for mother of 3 killed by her fiancé

Family and friends held a vigil Sunday honoring 34-year-old Dominic Jefferson. The mother of three was shot and killed by her fiancée outside their northwest Houston apartment Saturday.

Investigators said the couple was arguing just before midnight on Friday when Kendrick Akins, 39, shot Dominic outside their northwest Houston apartment on the 5500 block of Hollyview Drive.

Dominic Jefferson is being remembered as a kind and giving person, who was always willing to help those in need.

Dozens of her loved ones gathered at her mother's apartment complex on South Kirkwood Drive in Southwest Houston for a vigil Sunday evening. Last June, 4-year-old Maleah Davis was honored at the same complex.

Dressed in shades of purple, the crowd released balloons into the sky to honor the life and legacy of 34-year-old Dominic Jefferson. 

They also sang happy birthday to Dominic's mother, Tina Hunter. Tina said she's still processing how her daughter's fiancée could do something like this.

On New Year’s Eve, 39-year-old Kendrick Akins proposed to Dominic on Facebook live.

“He had a shirt on that said, ‘Dominic, will you marry me?’ He kneeled down on his knees and gave her the ring. And then three days later he turned around and killed my daughter,” Hunter said.

Tina said the two had been dating less than four months when they got engaged. But she said she was never suspicious of him.

“He promised me he was going to take care of my daughter. He was going to cherish my daughter. He was going to love her. He was going to be there for her. And he lied. He lied. He killed my daughter. He doesn’t deserve a bond. He doesn’t deserve anything. He doesn’t deserve to get out of jail. He doesn’t deserve anything. He deserve to rot in jail," she says.

Tina said she spoke with Kendrick the night her daughter was murdered.

“I asked him what happened. He told me that they got into a fight and she grabbed the gun. He tried to take the gun from her and shot her and the gun went off. I said, ‘and it shot her where?’ And he said the shoulder. So I said, ‘why are they saying my baby is dead?’ He got quiet and didn’t say anything, then hung up the phone,” Hunter said.

Dominic's sister, Charmone Onyeije met Kendrick less than two weeks ago.

“I didn’t know I was shaking hands with a man who would six days down the line kill my sister. He appeared to be normal but that is not normal at all. He’s a monster. I’m devastated because he could’ve walked away. He could’ve let her walk away. He took my sister. Her three children will suffer. We're suffering,” Onyeije said.

Dominic would’ve celebrated her 35th birthday on Jan. 17.

She leaves behind a 4, 6 and 11-year-old.

Kendrick Akins was arrested and charged with Dominic’s murder on Saturday. His bond is set to $150,000.

He’s expected to appear in court Monday at 9 a.m.