Video shows controversial Houston traffic stop for driving in left lane

Video of a controversial Houston traffic stop is trending on Instagram after it was shared by activist Shaun King.

The video shows media personality Quentin Jiles getting cited for driving in the left lane Thursday. He hit record on his cell phone as the officer walked up to his window.

"Officer Green, Houston Police Department. You have a driver license and insurance?" the officer asks at the start of the video.

"Yes sir, what’s the reason I’m being pulled over?" asks Jiles.

"I see your driver license insurance; I’ll tell ya," said Green.

"Well…," stammered Jiles.

"Well first of all this is a passing lane only," said Green.

Jiles says it started when a motorcycle began tailgating him in the left lane on Hwy 59 between Houston and Sugar Land.


"The fact that they were riding my bumper so close, I assumed this couldn’t possibly be a cop," Jiles told FOX 26.

He moved over to let the motorcycle pass, and that’s when they made eye contact.

"I looked at him like he was crazy," Jiles told FOX 26. "And that’s when he decided to get right back behind me and put his lights on and pull me over."

The 12 min continues: "To be clear you’re driving slower than the traffic, okay," said Officer Green.

"I was driving 65," said Jiles.

"So really you’re over the speed limit, okay, ‘cause the speed limit is 60," said Green. "So if you’re driving 65 in the state of Texas, you’re obligated to move over if the car behind you is driving 65, okay?"

"Oh okay okay," said Jiles. "That’s news to me."

Jiles believes he was pulled over based on ego and the eye contact they had on the road.

"I can look however I want to look," Jiles told FOX 26. "That’s not a threat."

The video goes on to show the officer issuing a citation—a notice to appear.

"It clearly states that you’re gonna take care of it once you sign this," said Green.

"Well what am I taking care of?" asked Jiles. "That’s what I don’t understand."

"You’re driving in the left lane," said Green.


A Houston Police spokesman told FOX 26, the department is investigating the traffic stop and will take appropriate action.

"That’s easily checked out in the investigation, because they can check his other traffic stops," said Houston Police Officers Union President Douglas Griffith. "He wrote a citation that I might not write, but that might be something he writes on a regular basis."

Jiles says he believes in filming every traffic stop because of a fear of officer egos.

"I am—we are--at the behest of a cop, whether they’re having a good or bad day," said Jiles. "A cop has an ability to literally do whatever they want to do and have so many layers of protection before accountability happens, and that puts every citizen at risk."

Jiles says after his traffic stop, he watched the officer begin to do the same thing to other drivers on 59. Jiles plans to challenge his citation in court.