Update Hurricane Irma Wednesday Sept 6


And the steering factors taking Irma up to the north would have a potential to affect Jose, as well. There was Irma, Jose, now we go to the k storm, and that's going to be Katia, the newest forming storm about Wednesday morning, 4:00 a.m., is when it was identified. And the front that's moving through the Texas area, in Houston, is going to block that from making a northern journey. So it's going to sort of circle around a little bit. I know this looks a little tight on the forecast tract here. But it is going to end up, eventually to the south, and going to make a Mexico landfall. So a little bit of an unusual tract for Katia, but because of that front that's moving through the Houston area, that's going to block what we're looking at as a potential at least for the impacting the Texas coast. So, back to Irma, this is our biggest concern, this is our immediate concern, not that it's coming to Texas, but definitely coming to the southeastern portions of the  U.S. it will make a landfall it appears this weekend, and of course we will keep you updated as necessary.