Two suspects charged in deadly drive-by shooting

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Two suspects have been charged in a shooting that left a 6-year-old dead and an 11-year-old in the hospital.
24-year-old Alexis Cuapio and 20-year-old Oscar Ollervides are being charged with felony murder but investigators say it could be upgraded to capital murder.

HPD homicide investigators said of the three suspects who were involved in the drive-by shooting, only two are being charged at this time.

Investigators said the suspects confessed to the crime and went willingly when they were arrested.

“They did express a little remorse that one was deceased, one was struck, but it doesn't negate the fact that they still were reckless in their act and reckless in their discharge of that weapon,” said Travis Miller, an investigator with HPD Homicide.

The two are accused of fatally shooting 6-year-old Moises Jimenez and injuring his brother Manuel in a drive-by shooting Friday.

Police said the two suspects were actually aiming for the kids' older brothers.

“We know that, for quite some time, older brothers of the decedent and Alexis were in an ongoing feud involving multiple, multiple things,” said Miller.

The mother of one of the suspects. Cuapio, said the retaliation was for a home invasion and shooting at their house back in August. Houston Police confirmed the home invasion happened on August 19th.

“The police didn't say we have these men under arrest -- when they already knew their names and addresses -- so this leads to my son reacting this way, in getting revenge,” said Mara Soto, the mother of Alexis Cuapio.

The family showed Fox 26 News reporter Angela Chen the bullet holes left behind from the invasion.
No one was hurt at that time.
Another relative who wanted to stay anonymous said he knows they regret it.

“He was really sorry. He didn’t mean to shoot the little babies,” said Cuapio’s relative.

But the deed is done. and for this mother, she can only watch what happens to her son.

“The only thing I can say is, if he did it, he will pay. I know the parents of the boy want the death penalty. If that's what makes them happy, that's fine. I leave my son in God's hands,” said Soto.

The family of Moises Jimenez is planning to bury him Friday.

Services will start at 11 a.m. at the Mass Immaculate Conception Church.