Two Akitas surrendered to Houston shelter after being shot need forever homes

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His name is "Ace"  and despite his size, the Akita is still a puppy.  He sure doesn't act like one. Not even around the caring staff of Four Seasons Veterinary Hospital. 

“He's a little quiet, unsure of his surroundings and people,” staffer Erin Gounarides said.

You might be too if you and your housemate had been through what they have.  On June 20, Ace and Rico were at home when the burglar alarm went off. Responding police officers encountered the two large and territorial pooches and shot both of them. Their reward for taking bullets while defending their home? A trip to BARC, the city's animal shelter.

“We don't pass judgment on anyone who brings animals in. We get their story and do the best we can to place them in their forever homes,” Ashtyn Rivet with BARC said.

But therein lies the challenge.  Akitas are a niche breed that requires a certain type of owner. They are territorial, protective and not always fond of other animals. To make matters even more challenging, Rico lost one leg, and Ace has bullet fragments still embedded in his body. They will need a lot of physical and emotional TLC.

“These dogs have been through a lot and so they will likely go through a lengthy adoption process so they go into the right home,” said Rivet.

That’s why they are lucky there is a BEAR around. That stands for Big East Akita Rescue. The New Jersey based rescue group has paid for the expensive surgeries and a local volunteer is fostering Rico. 

Akita’s do better as only dogs. Problems can arise if you have to of the same gender like Rico and Ace. It looks like when they are ready to be adopted it will have to be to different homes.