Planning a trip? Travel prices are finally descending

If you're looking to plan a trip, particularly for the holidays, experts say prices are finally starting to come down. But don't wait too long.

The secrets to saving money on travel are timing, flexibility on dates and locations, and using apps that monitor prices for you.  I used one that saved me $45 on a hotel.

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After soaring this summer, experts say airfares are starting to descend.

"With domestic airfare, we’re seeing about a 10% decrease going into the fall," said Adit Damodaran with Hopper, an app that monitors travel prices.

He says the time to book flights, especially for the holidays, is next week.

"We recommend booking in mid-September or at the latest by Halloween. After that we expect prices to rise about 40%," said Damodaran.

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Enter your destination into Hopper, it will show you a range of flight dates and prices and recommends whether to buy now or wait for a lower price.

"For Thanksgiving, for example, we found the cheapest day to depart is not the day before Thanksgiving, but the Monday of Thanksgiving week. That can save you 20% on that domestic, round-trip ticket," he explained.


Airfares to Europe are coming down.

"Round trip flights to Europe are on average $560," he said.

But in some countries, restrictions on U.S. travelers are going up.

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A website called Pruvo can save you money on hotels.  You make a hotel reservation that you can cancel for free and email it to Pruvo.  

Pruvo alerts you when the price drops on that reservation.  I tried it on a hotel reservation I made. Pruvo found the same room on another site for less.  I rebooked and it saved me $45.

A site called AutoSlash works similarly for rental cars.  But while the rental car shortage is improving, it is still a problem.  So you may want to book a rental car first to make sure one is available when you arrive.

"We’re starting to see car rental prices averaging $83 a day. That’s still way up from where it would usually be, but it’s much better than where it was this summer," he said.